• Ab Ovo attends 1st Session Steel Industry Intelligent Manufacturing Forum, June 21-22, Kunming city, Yunnan Province, China


To feel good is to look good. To look good, is to feel good. That is what we make possible. For everybody.’ That is the mission statement of Etos. The history of Etos goes back till 1918. In 1974 Ahold took over Etos. About 50% of the Etos-shops is owned by the company the other part are franchisees.

Etos has one central distribution centre where approximately 10.000 articles are stored. In order to reduce the value of the stock and decrease the number of articles being stored Ab Ovo developed a tool that determines optimal order parameters in combination with the desired reliability in supplying the stores. For more information about this project please read the complete article.

Over the years Ab Ovo has built up an impressive track record. For more reference about our customers, please go back to the reference page.