• Ab Ovo attends 1st Session Steel Industry Intelligent Manufacturing Forum, June 21-22, Kunming city, Yunnan Province, China



Eurailscout is one of the top rail infrastructure analysis and inspection companies of Europe. The company inspects inspect and analyses more than 8,000 switches and 100,000 kilometers of rail tracks, annually. Ab Ovo realized, after an intense, on time and cooperative project, an integrated solution within the current Eurailscout IT platforms, to enhance workforce scheduling and resourcing. The solution supports the short-term and real-time execution of train resources, ground staff, trains staff and office planning. Furthermore it includes long-term staff capacity planning as well. For more information on this solution, please read the reference case study.

Click here for another case study about how Eurailscout incorporates all European labor rules with Quintiq resource planning. For more reference about our customers, please go back to the reference page.