• Ab Ovo attends 1st Session Steel Industry Intelligent Manufacturing Forum, June 21-22, Kunming city, Yunnan Province, China


Ab Ovo is an innovative business & software solutions provider. Ab Ovo was incorporated in 1997. From the start, its name has represented the vision on the job: a solid commitment to the delivery of IT projects from start to finish, or in Latin: ab ovo usque ad mala (from egg to apple, the start and finish of a Roman meal).

From the beginning of our existence we have had an emphasis on the transport & logistics industries. Over the years we found that our knowledge of logistic processes is also valuable to organizations in other markets. At the moment, Ab Ovo is a key player in the field of logistics and even a market leader in the European rail industry where we have developed an even stronger specialization with our solutions.

Starting out as a provider of consultancy and interim & project management services, Ab Ovo is now a provider of advanced software solutions for a broad range of logistic processes.  We offer our clients solutions and support for various parts of their businesses, using proprietary software and standard solutions as well as solutions provided by our alliance partners.

Today, the company uses separate channels to approach the market: Advanced Planning & Scheduling (APS) Solutions and Rail Cargo Solutions (www.4RailCargo.com) – a division that is used throughout the website as well. Besides these channels, we have separate Business Units for the delivery of the various services and solutions worldwide. Ab Ovo is located in the Netherlands (Rotterdam and Amsterdam), Germany (Dusseldorf), Denmark (Copenhagen), USA (Boston) and China (Shanghai).

All our staff have a proven track record in the markets in which they operate. About half of our staff consists of Business Consultants and Project Managers, each with one or more specializations in Advanced Planning & Scheduling (APS), Logistics, Rail or in another useful field of expertise. Our other colleagues are specialists in software development, testing and other technical IT-matters, with knowledge and experience in operations research, model driven architecture and various advanced software tools.