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Transavia Airlines

Transavia  provides competitively-priced air travel on a broad network of European routes. This is done in the form of charter flights for tour operators (under the name Transavia) and scheduled services forindividual passengers (under the name BasicAir). Besides this, individual passengers can make direct bookings (seatonly) on a large number of charter flights. Distribution takes place via route operators, the Internet and call centrrs. 

Transavia wanted to optimize its maintenance planning for its Boeing 737-700 and 737-800 airplanes. The long term planning part of the planning solution that was implemented by Ab Ovo, optimizes the maintenance program using the tailor-made clustering techniques. In short-term planning, the solution enables the planner to interact optimally with Commercial Flight Planning, fecilitate the handling of constraints and provide direct insight into the consequences of planning decisions. The system generates management information for both long and short-term planning with respect to interval usage. 

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