Case Study – Integrated Rail Planning at Lineas

Planning and detailed scheduling of rail cargo processes is characterized by complex business logic and constraints. It involves long and short-term planning of locomotives, locomotive drivers and yard staff. A planning department has to take a variety of interdependencies into account, plus constraints like maintenance rules, route knowledge, traction knowledge and different working time directives and regulations. Ab Ovo’s key expertise is modeling this complex business logic – including all constraints – using specialized Advanced Planning & Scheduling (APS) software.

The clients of Lineas expect high service. To fulfill this expectation the planners of Lineas need to have a solution that gives them a full overview of the planning puzzle and helps making the right decisions.

Integrated Rail OptimizatioN (IRON)

The solution has proven to be very effective in lowering operational cost. Due to better overviews, fewer paths are required to serve the same amount of trains.