Case Study – Eurailscout

How Eurailscout incorporates all European labor rules with DELMIA Quintiq resource planning

Eurailscout was relying on Excel sheets for the planning of its resources – a highly complex process that puts a strain on the planners. The straightforward system was not modeled to Eurailscout’s business and did not take into account the unique rules and constraints of its operations.

Eurailscout is the first line of safety enforcement for the tracks of the 12 countries in which operates. Its inspection work needs to be carried out with great accuracy. An internal crack as tiny as one millimeter on the track could cause a train to derail. Faulty switches are responsible for up to half of rail service disruptions in Europe every year. Europe’s transportation artery moves a huge number of passengers and cargo between cities, large economic hubs and across borders throughout the continent. Any disruption would cause dire consequences to human lives, productivity and the economy.

- Michael van Milt, Chief Financial Officer at Eurailscout -

“We needed a solution that could provide us with the visibility required to make efficient and compliant plans that will help us deliver a high service standard to our clients.”