Vacancy – Netherlands – Junior Data Scientist in Supply Chain and Logistics

– Location: The Netherlands (HQ)

Who are we looking for:

Do you love to find patterns in data, make actionable recommendations based on those patterns, as well as modelling data to facilitate what-if scenarios? If you are passionate about data science, modelling, statistical models, technology and innovation, then you are definitely at the right place at Ab Ovo.

Who are we:

As an AI powerhouse, it is our mission to help supply chain and logistics companies work more efficiently, make better decisions and be sustainable. We add value through AI driven transformation & solutions that digitizes processes and creates actionable insights.

As leaders in mathematical optimization, we have witnessed the ascent of Artificial Intelligence first-hand and seen the value it adds in a world of increasing complexity, uncertainty and change. To successfully unlock the potential of AI, we know the importance of combining analytical proficiency with in-depth domain expertise.

We love supply chain and logistics and have a deeply rooted connection with the industry. Which is why we attract top talent from operational research and mathematics faculties, as well as seasoned domain experts from the field’s leading brands. We typically work in small, well-equipped and autonomous teams empowering them to make decisions swiftly and think and act customer centric. We nurture innovative and business-minded thinking and cherish the devotion and passion of our highly skilled consultants.

Despite our local roots, we have a global footprint and work cross-border in international business. Our approach is no-nonsense, hands-on and result oriented. Our operating model consist of five clear steps of (1) prove value with rapid prototyping, (2) design sharp algorithms, (3) craft software that does the job, (4) deliver platforms designed to scale and (5) guide organizations to enact change and realize business value.

Thanks to the combination of talented colleagues, strong industry ties & down-to-earth approach, Ab Ovo is the right partner for any supply chain and logistics organization aiming to harness the power of AI.

What is the role?

As data scientist at Ab Ovo you support companies in their digital journey to the intelligent supply chain. Working with an Agile mindset we strive to continuously deliver value for businesses and to enable customers to become best-in-class within their fields. With techniques such as machine learning and mathematical optimization, the supply chain is becoming more data-driven. In the projects that you work on you will dive into data to find patterns, and to classify and set-up self-learning predictions models. Ab Ovo uses this data to gain insight and transparency into the operations. Often a digital twin is set up to do simulation and create different scenarios with different inputs to support decision making.

Your profile:

  • Academic level of work and thinking;
  • You have at least a university degree or equivalent with a strong analytical focus (e.g. Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Business Analytics, Computer Science, (Applied) Mathematics, Statistics);
  • Our main language of choice for data science and simulation is Python. You have proficiency in Python or you have such proficiency and experience in other languages such as R, C++, Scala or Julia and are willing to invest in making a switch to Python;
  • You have in-depth knowledge of different data science technical domains such as regression, classification, clustering, machine learning and deep learning, image recognition, natural language processing, dimensionality reduction, model selection and boosting;
  • You have in-depth knowledge of technical domains related to data science such as data pre-processing, visualization and qualitative analysis;
  • Experience in and/or knowledge of AWS, Azure or GCP is an advantage;
  • Excellent communication skills, able to explain complex business processes;
  • Fast-moving, motivated by growth and high-performance, strong sense of ownership;
  • You have an experimental mindset and are able to quickly translate a given business problem into a technical solution. Building prototypes is important to make analytics tangible for our customers;
  • You are internationally oriented and fluent in the English language. A command of Dutch or German is considered an absolute bonus.

    Our offer:

    • Meaningful work in large-scale and challenging projects with attractive clients;
    • An excellent overall package of employee benefits:
      • Salary between 30K and 45K per year;
      • 25 vacation days per year with the option to buy 10 additional days;
      • Flexible working times and location;
      • Mobility allowance;
      • Pension contributions paid by the company;
      • Bonus scheme;
      • Good arrangements for phone, laptop, work desk and fruit at work.
    • A nice working environment with an open and loyal culture;
    • Attention for personal and professional training and development. Together we create a personal development plan where we define and commit to your career plans for the future;
    • Professional career development by extending your knowledge and experience in programming languages and platforms related to your specialism are also part of personal development plan;
    • Many social activities besides work, including a company weekend where family is also invited.

    Furthermore, in this role you will have the opportunity to work in a dynamic, flexible and innovative environment. You will work closely with the team and other platforms to come up with new innovations and possibilities to support our customers.


      Please feel free to contact Jolanda Aarnout to apply for the job or to request for more information, (+31 (0)10 286 1533).

      How can we help you?

      We support numerous use cases and deliver clarity by digitizing decision processes with extensive industry expertise, smart technology solutions and our skilled analytical team.