Solution Sheet – Subcontractor & Yield Optimization

Railway undertakings rely on partners and subcontractors to run their daily operations. Managing those subcontractors in an efficient manner is a constant challenge. There is a great deal of complexity connecting customer orders to the purchase contracts to execute those orders, especially when there is a high share of single wagonload traffic.

As a result, railway undertakings often have difficulty pricing orders and optimizing their profit. In addition, it may be challenging to ensure invoiced amounts are a correct reflection of actual delivered services, such as the transportation of a single wagon over a particular track or across a particular region.

Start to reduce the complexity of working with partners and subcontractors with our Subcontractor & Yield Optimization solution.

Subcontractor & Yield Optimization

Reduce the complexity of working with partners and subcontractors and improve your overall profitability.

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