With the ever growing congestion, stricter delivery rules and environmental constraints, retail needs planning support and optimization to cope with the diversity in planning puzzles. Using the available data, restriction information and real-time disruption information, intelligent technology will be able to support you in making the right planning decisions.

Stay ahead of your competition, lower the distribution pressure and leverage most out of your Omni-Channel growth strategy with support of our solutions and services.


Challenges in Retail

We know you try to reach the optimum and most efficient use of valuable resources, whether these are people, products or other assets. But on your journey meeting the objectives, we also know you will have to battle with these core challenges:

  • Short delivery windows
  • Demand profile (morning, noon, evening)
  • Lead-Times
  • Products to be delivered
  • Capacity
  • Delivery Location

The planner is responsible for creating a plan, and hence the planner should always be in control. In our view, the first step is to create an environment in which the planner will have full transparency as to the current state of the planning. Time consuming tasks will be automated so that the planner can focus on the actual decision-making process.

Let Ab Ovo help you with your planning challenges. We will help you solve these puzzles and ensure you take the right planning decisions.


Retail – Use Cases

A glimpse into our use cases for retail divided into operational use cases and use cases for advanced analytics.


  • 100% shelf availability
  • Optimize your product distribution
  • Trip planning with real-time adjustments


Advanced Analytics

Automated damage detection
Camera footage to scan cargo and trucks for damage detection and automatic administration

Data driven contracting
Flexible contracting based on actual data for a better fit with operations

Self learning demand planning
Predict demand based on self learning models that learn directly from the day-to-day situation

Advanced dashboarding
Interactive and advanced dashboarding that allow monitoring of the data ambition

Retail Solutions Made for You


We enable you to optimize your supply chain in the dynamic world of retail. Our solutions will give you the capability and act in a professional way with internal and external relations how to translate the market ambitions into logistic needs to ensure 100% fulfillment. By having our dynamic network control and shop distribution solutions in place, your supply chain is ready to support your market business goals.

We have developed solutions supporting you with special requirements in the supply chain – which are not covered by standard route optimization tools. For example: optimizing dozens of distribution routes and vehicle type compositions simultaneously, resulting in improved delivery quality and considerable savings.

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DELMIA Quintiq Platinum Partner

DELMIA Quintiq (part of Dassault Systèmes) is a leader in delivering state-of-the-art supply chain planning and optimization solutions that help customers reduce costs, increase efficiency and improve bottom-line results. DELMIA Quintiq and Ab Ovo have an extensive shared history. We are both innovative leaders in rail, aviation, maritime, manufacturing, retail, and logistics. Ab Ovo is one of DELMIA Quintiq’s longest-standing and most experienced partners. For more information, visit DELMIA Quintiq.

Our Solutions – Your Benefits

We focus on people, process and technology that deliver you a solution with tangible results in the first year and help you transform over time. Our engagements are set up in such a way that we analyze your needs to define what value it will bring in the end. After our analysis we deploy a solution with a 100% fit to your business processes. And probably most important, we bring consultants to the table with real experience.

We begin each project with defining the strategy for the value we can bring to our customers. For Retail these include:


  • eCommerce channel: better segmentation & segregation
  • Opportunity for stock reduction
  • Opportunity to add more customer value (pick-up points & return services)
  • Virtual shelf availability – Opportunity to manage your inventory at any location
  • Manage Logistic Service Providers & Parcel Carriers and ensure fulfillment at controlled costs
  • Increased profit margins by optimizing your complete Supply Chain network


    Industry Recognition

    We support our customers in the digital transformation of their business operations. Data driven decision support is our company’s heartbeat and we deliver clarity by digitizing decision processes with extensive supply chain expertise, our smart technology and our skilled analytical team.


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    Ab Ovo enables your shop distribution planners to
    respond to demand fluctuations, disruptions and
    restrictions by providing planning solutions which
    tackle these issues and provide the optimum
    planning scenarios.


    Battling the logistical challenges in retail – Tactical Supply Chain Planning Supports the Attainment of Strategic Goals & Order Fulfillment.

    Solution Sheet

    Optimizing Shop Distribution – support and optimize your product distribution. Our solution includes trip planning, vehicle compartment planning and allows for real-time adjustments due to planning disruptions.

    AI Driven Transformation & Solutions

    Work Smart. Make Better Decisions. Be Sustainable.