SmartInsights transforms supply chain data into actionable insights to optimize transport planning.

By combining data sources from operational processes and applying predictive analytics, SmartInsights supports your teams in making the most efficient decisions. Decisions that have an impact on costs savings, resource utilization, environment, and employee satisfaction.

SmartInsights is an add-on to SmartRouting – our Managed SaaS solution to help transportation companies solve their daily route planning puzzle.


Key functionalities

Route Analysis

Increase route efficiency
Improve plan templates and knowledge

Resource Analysis

Analyze resource utilization
Analyze driver/picker performance
Create a long-term resource plan

Management Dashboard

Management dashboard with insights on company KPIs and trends
Create business cases with the help of user-friendly visuals

Actionable Insights

Combine data sources

  • Finance/TMS connection for financial plan evaluation
  • Evolving plan via actuals & historical data
  • Pro-active customer communication with integrated customer systems

Predictive analytics

  • Predict future demand from transactional data
  • Predict knowledge parameters. E.g. activity durations, disruptions, infeasibilities
  • Feedback predictions back into SmartRouting or Transport Management System

SmartInsights goes hand-in-hand with SmartRouting. The solution to transportation companies to help solve their daily route planning puzzle. SmartRouting is a Managed Software as a Service (MSaas) solution to ensure that customer value is delivered quickly.

Role-based Insights

Demand planner

I want to slice and dice my upcoming forecasted demand so that I can spot errors, outliers, and/or missing demand


Financial analyst

I want to see the cost figures (costs/revenue/margin) aggregated and in detail to spot opportunities for improvements


Customer service

I want to see how many orders are transported for my customer in the next few weeks to see if orders are delivered on time



As COO I want to have an overview of current performance and create business cases based on real numbers/value for new improvements


SmartRouting core functionalities

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