Retail Solutions

We enable you to optimize your supply chain in the dynamic world of retail. Our solutions will give you the capability and act in a professional way with internal and external relations how to translate the market ambitions into logistic needs to ensure 100% fulfillment.

We digitize your business operations, deliver an interoperable data ecosystem and gain a competitive advantage through advanced analytics with tailored solutions that go beyond customer expectations and industry needs.

Shop Distribution

We enable your shop distribution planners to respond to demand fluctuations, disruptions and restrictions by providing planning solutions which tackle these issues and provide the optimum planning scenarios.

Facing pressure to deliver faster, improve cost savings and comply with local delivery rules, our solution can support and optimize your product distribution. Our solution includes trip planning, vehicle compartment planning and allows for real-time adjustments due to planning disruptions.

Start to improve savings and optimize your shop distribution now.


    Our Retail Offering


    Dynamic Network Control

    Instead of spending the majority of your time troubleshooting operational issue, we provide you an integral view of the performance and ensure productive dialogues with Sales, Fulfilment, Purchasing and external suppliers.

    Shop Distribution

    Easily respond to demand fluctuations, disruptions and restrictions and provide optimum planning scenarios.

    Workforce Planning

    Combine demand and staff information in the planning system and the system calculates the optimal distribution of staff over the various workplaces.

    Dynamic Network Control

    When talking about realization of value we mean 100% availability against controlled costs. By connecting demand-forecasting, inventory allocation and transportation costs in one integrated model, with your internal and external counterparts – instead of spending the majority of your time troubleshooting operational issues.

    With an integral view of the performance, we enable you to exceed performance expectations and ensures productive dialogues with Sales, Fulfilment, Purchasing and external suppliers.

    Our dynamic network control solution is unique due to our customized, integral approach. With propagation, changing demand forecasts  automatically update expected transportation costs and inventory allocation (and vice versa).

    Demand Planning, Inventory Management & Transportation Planning all collect unique data, monitor unique KPI’s and have unique Business Rules and they should be integrated.

    We have created a solution model that can be tailored to meet your specific needs in creating a competitve advantage.


    Advanced Analytics for Retail

    A glimpse into our numerous advanced analytics use cases for retail divided into 4 categories: Assets, Demand, Process and Performance



    Trip defficiency detecting
    Use pattern recognition to find causalities of routing inefficiencies


    Real-time demand visibility
    Sensor and event data to visualize and analyse the flow of orders through the network


    Real-time scheduling
    Advanced predictions of ETA/ETD for real-time scheduling adjustments


    KPI optimization
    Improve KPI’s and increase business value by combining different data sources


    Retail Workforce Planner

    We understand that operational planning of logistics goes hand in hand with planning the workforce. Workforce planning offers your organization a solution for planning these key business operations:

    • Generating shift requirements to cover the demand
    • Creating cyclic rosters and assigning these rosters to employees
    • Publishing employee rosters such that employees can view their schedules on their mobile app and request for leave, shift swap, etc.
    • Assigning activities to employees and manage day of operations
    • Processing timesheets

    Start with embedding and aligning your workforce planning into the planning to ensure an optimized integrated operations planning is driving your margins and reduces operational costs.


    DELMIA Quintiq Platinum Partner

    DELMIA Quintiq (part of Dassault Systèmes) is a leader in delivering state-of-the-art supply chain planning and optimization solutions that help customers reduce costs, increase efficiency and improve bottom-line results. DELMIA Quintiq and Ab Ovo have an extensive shared history. We are both innovative leaders in rail, aviation, maritime, manufacturing, retail, and logistics. Ab Ovo is one of DELMIA Quintiq’s longest-standing and most experienced partners. For more information, visit DELMIA Quintiq.

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