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We are passionate about supply chain and logistics. Since 1997, we have had a deep connection with the industry. That is how we have attracted top talent from operations research and mathematics institutions and seasoned domain experts from leading companies. Our small and well-equipped teams are empowered with the autonomy to make proactive and informed decisions that put the customer first. Ab Ovo values the passion and dedication of our highly skilled employees. We strive to continuously foster innovative, strategic, and solution-oriented thinking. 

As leaders in mathematical optimization, we recognize the growing significance of artificial intelligence (AI). Moreover, it adds immense value in a world of increasing complexity, uncertainty, and change. We understand the importance of combining analytical proficiency and in-depth domain expertise to successfully unlock the potential of AI. 

We are committed to supporting our customers to become continuously more efficient and sustainable. Smart digitization enables better strategic, tactical and operational decisions by connecting the silos. Furthermore, we add tremendous value to our customers by leveraging artificial intelligence.  

 Pleased to meet you

While our roots are local, our impact is global.  
We operate in a truly international environment, crossing borders and breaking barriers to provide top-tier service to our clients. We are where you are.  
We take a practical, hands-on, and results-driven approach to meet customers’ business needs.  Ab Ovo’s operating model consists of five clear steps  

(1) demonstrate value through rapid prototyping,  

(2) guide organizations to enact change and maximize business value,  

(3) engineer software that expertly meets customers business needs,  

(4) deliver solutions designed to scale 

(5) design reliable algorithms that make the difference. 

This combination of a customer-centric approach, passionate & talented colleagues, and strong industry ties and expertise, makes Ab Ovo unique.  

Ab Ovo Values

Always Smart

We thrive in complexity. We embrace innovative, business-minded thinking and cherish devotion and passion. The perfect combination of talented colleagues, strong industry ties & eagerness to create solutions.

Always Hands-On

We take a no-nonsense, down-to-earth approach to tackling challenges by rolling up our sleeves. We go the extra mile to deliver high quality results that provide the most value to our customers.

Always Together

We believe in better together with our customers and with our teams. By bringing people, processes, and data together we create mutual benefits that have an impact on our customers and society. 

Our Promise

Going Beyond Complexity

We recognize the businesses we serve are continuously transforming and Ab Ovo has an unwavering commitment to help organizations bring clarity to complexity. The more complex, the better it gets. We will not let you down. Ever. 

The infinity symbol in our logo represents the strong supply chain and a link to our company values: ALWAYS SMART, ALWAYS HANDS-ON, and ALWAYS TOGETHER. 

We have long-term, trustworthy partnerships with our customers in which we jointly develop our prosperous future together. Never satisfied if we have not exceeded our customer’s expectations. 

Ab Ovo goes beyond complexity to help our customers be more efficient and sustainable. 

Management Team

Willem Jan Groenewoud

Willem Jan Groenewoud


Dieter Veldhuis

Dieter Veldhuis


Fred Trompert

Fred Trompert


Sophie Demenint

Sophie Demenint

HR Business Partner

Harold Lukas

Harold Lukas


Barbara Roos

Barbara Roos

Managing Director North America

Håkan Franzén

Håkan Franzén

Managing Director Europe North

Rabea Böhme

Rabea Böhme

Managing Director Europe Central


Shared History

Dassault Systèmes – DELMIA Quintiq and Ab Ovo have an extensive shared history. Both companies are innovative leaders in rail, aviation, maritime, manufacturing, retail, and logistics, and Ab Ovo is one of the longest-standing and most experienced DELMIA Quintiq partners. 

Partner Ecosystem Strengthening the Supply Chain

We believe that the supply chain is a key enabler for business growth. We are open to collaboration with fellow organizations with similar ambitions to strengthen the supply chain and create business value through software solutions, industry expertise, and advanced analytics. 

Whether you represent a consultancy or technology company, please contact us to discuss how we can create value by joining forces. 

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Work Smart. Make Better Decisions. Be Sustainable
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