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Why should you care?

Legislation will rapidly change in the next two decades. Each year countries and alliances are adding new laws in relation to the sustainability agenda. Organizations will need to be prepared and software will play a crucial role in succeeding.

The Eco Logic Platform is designed to be carbon efficient and is adaptable to future regulations. Choosing the Eco Logic Platform is choosing for continuous sustainable development with the greenest software platform available.

Who is on our Eco Logic Platform?

Sustainable by Software, Sustainable with Software!

The Eco Logic Platform empowers you to digitize your business processes without compromising your commitment to sustainability. It supports you in transforming any business process within your overall application landscape, within or on top of your ERP environment into new and sustainable software.

The Eco Logic Platform generates software in one of the most energy-friendly programming languages. In addition, it is also possible to measure the energy consumption of each functionality in the software and express it in a CO2 equivalent. This information enables us to conduct continuous research and development work to reduce the energy consumption of the software itself and thus require less capacity and energy from data centers. The Eco Logic Platform is ideal for modernizing legacy systems and generating maintainable and energy-friendly software. The platform is also used to generate custom software for digitizing complex business processes.

Where Digital Amplifies Sustainability

Consider embracing the “twin transition,” involving the simultaneous and interconnected processes of moving towards a green economy and adopting digitalization.

The green transition involves efforts to address environmental challenges, reduce carbon emissions, and promote sustainable practices. This may include initiatives related to renewable energy, conservation, and the circular economy.

On the other hand, the digital transition refers to the widespread adoption and integration of digital technologies across various sectors of society and the economy. This includes advancements such as the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence, and blockchain.

Our Eco Logic Platform brings the two transitions together to support companies in their digitalization with the least amount of carbon footprint on the solution side.

By adopting a ‘twin transition’ approach, leaders can bring the digital and sustainability agendas together to future-proof their organizations.

How it is done

Our Ab Ovo team is able to translate your business process into code, which is in itself green, and we are able to continuously add functionally while making sure that you keep your low energy consumption. To summarize this in three points:


In our Eco Logic Platform your business processes are translated into business logic fast, maintainable, secure, scalable, etc.


Our Eco Logic Platform generates green code that is optimized for low energy consumption.


The green code generator of our Eco Logic Platform is continuously improved and optimized for carbon reduction. While you have your solution in production, we continuously work on improving the footprint of the software.


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