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Some of the world’s most successful enterprises rely on DELMIA Quintiq solutions to model, plan, and optimize their businesses, strengthen competitive advantage, and be more sustainable.  DELMIA Quintiq (part of Dassault Systèmes) is a leader in delivering state-of-the-art supply chain planning and optimization solutions that help customers reduce costs, increase efficiency and improve bottom-line results. 

 Ab Ovo is a Certified Platinum DELMIA Quintiq Partner since 1999, Ab Ovo is a one-stop center for your DELMIA Quintiq solutions. We offer implementation services, advisory, deployment, optimization, testing, and support services to ensure you have the right solutions in place to maximize your value network. 

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Agile Deployment 

With a global team of over 80 certified DELMIA Quintiq consultants, we implement DELMIA Quintiq solutions through our Agile+ methodology, the standard QPLC methodology, or help you create a hybrid with your project methodology. Our team is ready to assist you with any part of the project, role, or task you require.

Value scan 

Ab Ovo offers the Quintiq value scan to ensure organizations maximize the benefits of their Quintiq software amid evolving business landscapes. The scan evaluates the fit of the solution to current business environments, assesses its value, and optimizes setup to enhance planning efficiency. It examines elements such as business goals alignment, scope relevance, planning decisions support, added value assessment, usability, interface integration, and adaptation to product developments. The process involves four steps: pre-scan preparation, on-site evaluation, post-scan recommendations, and optionally, assessing the ROI on Quintiq licenses. The aim is to provide tailored insights and recommendations to enhance operational efficiency and increase the value derived from Quintiq investments.

Extensive Testing 

Testing has become a science, and the skills and testing strategies needed very much depend on what you intend to test. More than anything, it is key to ensuring your application satisfies the needs and requirements of your business. Gain control and clarity using the following Ab Ovo testing approaches. 

Continuous Support 

More than 1,500 DELMIA Quintiq planners globally rely on Ab Ovo for project support. We provide the right skilled resources and support to secure uninterrupted services and ensure business continuity.  


Ab Ovo, with 25 years of expertise in DELMIA Quintiq software, specializes in solving intricate planning challenges across industries, emphasizing optimization to boost profitability and reduce environmental impact. Their solutions leverage operations research and quantitative methods to align plans with business and sustainability goals, empowering planners to make informed decisions efficiently. Ab Ovo offers support for optimizing DELMIA Quintiq solutions through modern techniques and cutting-edge templates, promising significant ROI with minimal integration effort.

Performance Management

Ab Ovo offers a tailored approach that focuses on the customer’s real-world use cases and performs a performance scan to determine where bottlenecks exist. To complement this, Ab Ovo has created a tool that automates the parsing and visualization of relevant performance and system statistics from DELMIA Quintiq log files. This is very valuable for our customers, as it helps to quickly uncover performance bottlenecks and react to them before they become showstoppers for the business.


The Ab Ovo team impressed us with their expertise and experience in logistics and DELMIA Quintiq. They were our implementation partner in setting up one of our business-critical systems for cargo handling at our largest and busiest hub in Frankfurt. The DELMIA Quintiq solution was delivered successfully and is a great relief for our employees in their daily tasks.”

 Marcus Milla  – Head of Application Development & Maintenance PPS & Special Functions 

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