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The current market situation of diminishing margins and tightening delivery windows has led to increased complexity in planning & scheduling processes, especially in the maritime industry. In addition, the maritime sector faces sustainability challenges. Environmental regulations and the need to reduce the industry’s carbon footprint are becoming increasingly critical.  

Therefore, efficient resource utilization is not only a priority for cost savings in planning departments but also a crucial aspect of meeting sustainability goals. Simultaneously, emphasis on enhancing delivery reliability and flexibility remains important.

Challenges in Maritime

The maritime industry faces various challenges, including: 

Complex Business Logic: The planning department must consider a variety of interdependencies. A few of these are: shortened load/unload times, product contamination (for liquid bulk), last-minute orders, various handling rules, production disturbances, inventory management at the storage yard and many more. 

Demand Disruptions: The industry is susceptible to disruptions in demand, whether due to natural disasters, geopolitical tensions, trade disputes, or pandemics. The industry needs to adapt to changes in demand.  

Sustainability and Environmental Regulations: Meeting environmental standards and regulations poses challenges. Balancing sustainability goals with operational efficiency requires investment in eco-friendly practices and technologies. 

Cybersecurity Threats: The digitization of processes exposes companies to cybersecurity threats.   

Extreme Weather Events: Climate change, such as rising sea levels and extreme weather events impact shipping routes and port operations.  

Let Ab Ovo help you create optimal planning, calculate different planning scenarios and provide meaningful insights to battle these challenges efficiently. We do this by using eco-friendly solutions, such as the DELMIA Quintiq Platform and the Eco Logic Platform. We will help you solve these puzzles and ensure you take the right planning decisions. 

Maritime Solutions Made for You

We specialize in solving complex planning and scheduling challenges in the Maritime industry. From tonnage and voyage planning to Ro-Ro, container, and bulk terminals, our expertise spans all maritime operations. Leveraging advanced technology and industry insights, we optimize efficiency, adapt to market dynamics, and ensure seamless cargo flow. 

  • Tonnage and Voyage Planning
  • Dry/Liquid  Bulk Planning
  • Maintenance Planning
  • Workforce Planning
  • Container Planning
  • Ro-Ro Planning
  • Short and Deep-Sea Shipping
  • Berth/Crane/Yard Planning

Our Solutions – Your Benefits

We focus on people, process and technology that deliver you a solution with tangible results in the first year and help you transform over time. Our engagements are set up in such a way that we analyze your needs to define what value it will bring in the end. After our analysis we deploy a solution with a 100% fit to your business processes. And probably most important, we bring consultants to the table with real experience.

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