The European Union aims to make the transport sector and supply chain more eco-friendly, typically focusing on vehicle emissions and infrastructure upgrades. Yet, a crucial aspect often overlooked is digital pollution. At the RailFreight Summit ’24, Willem Jan Groenewoud, CEO of Ab Ovo, shed light on this issue and proposed solutions.

Groenewoud created a sense of awareness which is always the first step in getting to understanding the meaning of Green IT. Through an interactive game, the attendees were invited to check their personal digital footprint through the e-missions website. After that intermezzo Groenewoud delved into the B2B impact.

We all focus on using IT to reduce waste and, or mileage but never think about the environmental cost of IT in itself. Introducing himself and his company Groenewoud said: “Ab Ovo strives for energy-efficient software and reduced CO2 impact. To reach these goals, Ab Ovo is working with three platforms: the Eco Logic Platform, the DELMIA Quintiq Platform and the SAS Viya Platform”

Willem Jan Groenewoud at the RFS ’24. Image: © ProMedia/Rajphoto

Eco Logic Platform

The groundbreaking Eco Logic Platform is used to digitize any operational process, from ERP to mission critical systems to run your operations. What is unique about this platform as Groenewoud explained: “it is the first Green Coding Platform measuring and reducing continuously the energy consumption of all executed processes. This platform is designed to reduce the CO2 impact of IT throughout the complete lifecycle of the software. From fast development to continuous deployment.”

DELMIA Quintiq Platform

Ab Ovo leverages the DELMIA Quintiq Platform to optimize the most complex planning and scheduling across all operational resources within many industries. The goal is to increase utilization and efficiency and minimize waste. Within the RailFreight industry, this is done primarily by optimizing trains, locomotives, railcars, yards and the entire workforce supporting running the trains.

SAS Viya Platform

As Groenewoud continues the SAS Viya Platform is used by Ab Ovo to assist their customers to adhere to the increasing reporting guidelines on sustainability in general.

Partnership with Gysev Cargo

The path forward to become truly sustainable lies in forging partnerships across the entire chain of operations. This is a priority of Ab Ovo, Groenewoud emphasized. Following his remarks Mr. Zoltan Zentai of Gysev Cargo joined the stage to explain the benefits of Gysev’s partnership with Ab Ovo on their sustainability journey and mentioned that through Ab Ovo’s Eco Logic Software Platform, they not only use their resources more efficiently, but their IT solutions are also more sustainable.

Zoltan Zentai from GYSEV CARGO at the RFS ’24. Image: © ProMedia/Rajphoto

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