Written by: Casper Rademaker | Tom van Brunschot 
Transport Optimization | 2 mins read


Over the last few years, and 2022 in particular, costs of transport increased drastically due to shortage of labor, increased demands, new taxes and regulations (e.g. diesel surcharge), and many more. If these costs are not charged to your customers, your profit margin will decrease, or it could even lead to a loss on certain sales. Ab Ovo has the industry experience and technical wherewithal to help our customers solve such issues.

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"Our transport margin dashboard will give you insights in the transport margins for your orders, in a comprehensive way."


You are likely to charge your customers with a transport fee as goods are ordered. These costs may differ or may even be waived based on quantity. However, do you know the margins on your orders? Do you know the variation of this per product? What about the split per region? If you are using multiple external transport companies, which one should you use in which scenario? What can your company do to keep the rising costs in check? 


Our fully hosted transport margin dashboard gives you insights into the profit margins for your orders, in a comprehensive way. Our solution is extendable with interfacing from a TMS. Our dashboard has a standard interface with Unit4, allowing easy import of transport invoices, we can then automatically link the actual transport costs to orders and show this combined data in meaningful visuals.

The most important KPIs can be tracked and visualized over time. We use Microsoft Power BI, which is accepted industry wide as a platform for business intelligence capabilities. The Power BI software is especially good at gaining insights fast from reports and dashboards and allows the user to easily drill down to the root causes.



  • Prediction of asset performance for a nation-wide rail infrastructure manager
  • Dashboards for business-to-business companies in the logistics sector

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