DELMIA Quintiq Value Scan

Are you reaping full benefits?

Why value scan?

Your DELMIA Quintiq software is set up to be a 100% fit for your organization’s needs, but as the world changes and your business adapts to a dynamic business environment, your Quintiq application may need adjustments to fully match todays operations. 

To help your organization identify areas in your Quintiq solution that require adjustments or processes in your operations that could benefit from adjustments, Ab Ovo offers the Quintiq value scan. 
The value scan will ensure that you get the most out of your Quintiq solution and that your organization continues to benefit from optimal planning.

How does the value scan work?

The value scan consists of three parts:

  • Evaluate how your Quintiq solution fits your current business environment
  • Assess the value the Quintiq solution brings to your business operations
  • Improve the way your Quintiq solution is set up, to optimize the value of the

Scoring business value

Powered by a combination of our consultants’ vast industry experience and best practices, our value scan derives deep insights into how your DELMIA Quintiq application is supporting your current planning processes. 

Uncover opportunities to enhance usage and increase the value of your existing investments while preventing critical issues and performance problems from occurring, ensuring effective use of your purchased licenses.


Value scan elements

Business goals

Business goals can change over time. Is your Quintiq​ solution still set up to fully meet today’s business goals?


If your supply chain has changed significantly, the scope of your Quintiq solution should be reassessed. Is the scope of your solution right for your business?​

Planning decisions

As business goals change, planning decisions can change too. Does your Quintiq solution support your current planning decisions?​

Added value

How does the Quintiq solution add value to your business? ​
Can you adequately evaluate planning options and KPIs?​



How does the Quintiq solution add value to your business? ​
Can you adequately evaluate planning options and KPIs?​

Interfaces and IT-landscape​

Has your software or hardware landscape changed ​
(e.g., operating systems, database versions), or is it about to change?
How does this impact integration with other systems?​

Adaptation to product development

The Quintiq software is constantly improved. New features and functions are added, documentation is updated regularly, and training materials are revised.​

Recent advances in the Quintiq solution could be the answer to your current or future planning requirements.​

4 steps of the value scan


To get the most out of the value scan, it is essential to prepare well. The Ab Ovo consultant prepares by reviewing your business and planning needs. We will ask you to send us a list of important issues, topics and an overview of the planning KPIs in preparation for the onsite scan.​​

On site scan

During the one-day on site evaluation, we perform an in-depth review of the seven areas mentioned above. An experienced Ab Ovo consultant, with relevant industry knowledge, will conduct detailed sessions with your management team, planners and IT department to identify opportunities for improvement and redesign.​

Post scan

After the onsite scan, you will receive a detailed report with recommendations for aligning your solution with your current day-to-day business operations. Suggestions for the next steps may include brush-up training, configuration changes and hardware upgrades.​​



(Optional) Value perspective and ROI on Quintiq licenses​

Customer has already invested in Quintiq software. We can improve the return on investment and the overall value of the Quintiq platform by including more use cases.​

Get in touch with us to know how our support competency can add value to your business.

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