DELMIA Quintiq Value Scan

Why consider a Value Scan?

While your DELMIA Quintiq software is configured and possibly tailored to your organization’s needs, the ever-changing landscape of the business world demands continuous adaptation. As your business evolves in response to dynamic challenges, your DELMIA Quintiq application might require adjustments to align seamlessly with your current operations.

To pinpoint areas in your Quintiq solution that may need fine-tuning or identify processes within your operations that could benefit from optimization, Ab Ovo offers the Quintiq Value Scan. This comprehensive assessment is designed to ensure that your Quintiq solution remains finely tuned to your evolving needs, guaranteeing your organization continues to thrive through optimal planning.

The Value Scan by Ab Ovo made us realize there is so much more benefit to gain from our Quintiq solution.

How does the Value Scan work?

The Value Scan comprises three essential components:

  • Evaluate the alignment of your Quintiq solution with your current business environment.
  • Assess the value that the Quintiq solution brings to your day-to-day business operations.
  • Enhance the configuration of your Quintiq solution to maximize its overall value and efficiency.

With our Value Scan, we are committed to empowering your organization to make informed decisions, adapt swiftly to change, and achieve unparalleled efficiency in your operations.

Ab Ovo is a Platinum DELMIA Quintiq partner with
120+ specialized employees with a global customer footprint.

Scoring Business Value

“Driven by our consultants’ extensive industry expertise and best practices, our Value Scan dives deep into evaluating the effectiveness of your DELMIA Quintiq application in supporting your current planning processes.

Discover valuable opportunities to optimize usage and elevate the value of your existing investments. Our approach not only unlocks potential enhancements but also proactively identifies and resolves critical issues and performance challenges, guaranteeing the efficient utilization of your purchased licenses.”


Our Value Scan consists of 4 steps, described below, give us a call to set your value scan up.


To ensure the effectiveness of the Value Scan, thorough preparation is key. Our dedicated Ab Ovo consultant meticulously assesses your business and planning requirements. We kindly request you share a comprehensive list of vital issues, topics, and an overview of your planning Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of the onsite scan. This preparation ensures a focused and insightful analysis of your specific needs and challenges.


During the on-site evaluation, which typically spans a day, we conduct a thorough examination of the seven areas outlined earlier. Our skilled Ab Ovo consultant, equipped with industry-specific expertise, leads in-depth discussions with your management team, planners, and IT department. These sessions are meticulously designed to identify key opportunities for improvement and redesign within your operations.


Following the on-site scan, you’ll receive a comprehensive report outlining tailored recommendations to align your solution with your ongoing business operations. These suggestions might encompass additional training sessions, configuration adjustments, or even hardware upgrades, ensuring your system is perfectly attuned to your evolving needs.



This step is optional. The customer has already made an investment in Quintiq software. By expanding the scope of use cases, we can enhance the return on investment and maximize the overall value of the Quintiq platform.

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