Digitization of Business Operations

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Your Digitization Journey

To leverage the business opportunity of ‘Industry 4.0’, we support our customers in the digital transformation of their business operations. As data driven decision support company we can help you with this journey by digitizing decision processes based on deep supply chain expertise, smart technology and our skilled analytical team.

Key Challenges to Digitization

Digitization shatters every business model at its core. Supply chain companies that would like to digitize successfully will have to battle these key challenges: 

1. Transforming the core business

Let’s take the rail cargo industry as an example. How to shift cargo from road to rail by reducing cost of transportation and increasing flexibility and reliability of the service?  A door to door transportation solution, with a superior (digital) customer experience is expected. Everything is networked with other transportation users, the infrastructure and the environment.

2. Changes in the value chain

At the end of the chain, various digital channels must be integrated into marketing, sales and service. The entire commercialization process is switched to multichannel. At the beginning of the value chain, development and production now have to produce or define digitized products with a corresponding service portfolio.



3. Building know-how

Digitization places completely new demands on the knowledge of a workforce. Topics such as Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Advanced Analytics, just to name a few, are to be developed and operated. However, few companies have the right resources. And the fight for talent is going to be tough.

4. Adapting change

Perhaps the greatest challenge is not only to define change in strategy papers, but to implement it throughout the entire company.

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Solutions to serve industry needs


Order 2 Cash Management

Railway undertakings with cargo operations are eager to explore ways of making their business more efficient and competitive. We help both fast growing market entrants as well as established rail incumbents with automating and optimizing their complete order journey. From order intake, to execution and financial settlement. Ab Ovo offers a comprehensive Order 2 Cash solution for both automating manual processes as well as replacing legacy Order 2 Cash systems.



    Mobile Field Operations

    Rail operations require constant communication and interaction between their field operators (drivers, shunters, controllers) and their offices and operations control centers. Today, many of those communication methods and channels require direct conversation and the transfer of physical documentation. This costs time and prevents rail operators from improving their operational efficiency and data quality.

    We help railway undertakings operate lean and agile. We provide mobile solutions that help digitize critical communication paths, capture key events and exchange documentation. We do so by providing workflow software that is tailored to and designed with specific field activities in mind. Such as registering and confirming train & wagon checks, shunting movements, wagon defects, locomotive checks (Fuel, Sand, etc.), unloaded wagons, train arrivals, station overviews or track lists. Mobile communication saves time, avoids miscommunication, reduces the paper trail, improves safety and allows companies to do advanced analytics on information digitally available

    Industry Recognition

    We support our customers in the digital transformation of their business operations. Data driven decision support is our company’s heartbeat and we deliver clarity by digitizing decision processes with extensive supply chain expertise, our smart technology and our skilled analytical team.


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