Rotterdam, The Netherlands, February 15, 2021 – Teijin Aramid, a leading manufacturer of premium aramids and a subsidiary of the Teijin Group, has chosen Ab Ovo to provide support and maintenance for its DELMIA Quintiq supply chain planning solution. To fulfill all customer orders, and to deliver them on time, Teijin uses a transparent and global solution combining data from various processes into one overarching S&OP process. Dedicated support and software maintenance plays an important role in ensuring business continuity.

Since 2017, Teijin Aramid has been using DELMIA Quintiq software to translate anticipated worldwide demand into an optimal supply and production plan.

Martijn de Bruijn, Global Head of Supply Chain at Teijin Aramid says: “Dedicated software support from a knowledgeable partner and industry expertise play a pivotal role in providing business value in the supply chain. In Ab Ovo, we found a platinum DELMIA Quintiq partner whose core values and competence perfectly fits into our ‘Be Sure’ program delivering business value to our customers.”

Mark Lingeman, Business Unit Director for Advanced Planning Solutions at Ab Ovo continues: “We are proud to provide the support and maintenance for Teijin’s supply chain planning solution. Our team is a team of true experts who know about the business, who stay abreast of the latest and most cutting edge solutions developed by DELMIA Quintiq and who care about delivering continuous and incremental value. What sets us apart from the competition is our dedication and commitment to our customers.”

Teijin Aramid is constantly looking for ways to optimize processes in its factories and in its overall supply chain. “Global demand continues to grow, concludes De Bruijn. We need to be prepared for it, if we are to maintain our position as a market leader.”

DELMIA Quintiq (part of Dassault Systèmes) is a leader in delivering state-of-the-art supply chain planning and optimization solutions that help customers reduce costs, increase efficiency, and improve bottom-line results. DELMIA Quintiq and Ab Ovo have an extensive shared history. They are both innovative leaders in rail, aviation, maritime, manufacturing, retail, and logistics. Ab Ovo is one of DELMIA Quintiq’s longest standing and most experienced partners.