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A leading agricultural manufacturer had a vision to transform their supply chain from a push to a pull system. The push system led to large stock levels, which were not desirable due to the restricted shelf life of their products. They saw Quintiq’s Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) solution as the answer to their need for more efficient and demand-driven planning.


The Planning Puzzle

  • The planning focuses on determining the amount of goods that must be purchased to produce enough products to meet customer demand and to determine which facilities produce these goods.
  • A separate planning for the two disassembly and eight assembly facilities.
  • The forecast is based on a forecast from an external system and the actual customer orders that have been placed.
  • The main focus is on the KPIs margin and fulfilment, which are specified on a more detailed level by sub-KPIs in the optimizer.
  • For scenarios that are run weekly in order to determine what to produce, the planning horizon is around 16 weeks.
  • On the long run, the horizon can reach up to 1.5 years to make considerate decisions for bulk purchases and contracts with suppliers.
"We support in the process from pen and paper based processes to a fully integrated and automated production system."

Ab Ovo as an implementation partner

The project was initially guided by Dassault Systèmes for about a year, but the customer chose Ab Ovo to take it over in 2022 to ensure a successful integration of the customer’s processes into the S&OP model. Aside from the standard implementation, we showed our commitment to satisfy the customer’s needs by providing additional features. To reduce the manual effort of the customer, we built a Data Management Application next to the S&OP solution to enable them to change their cost parameters in a more efficient and error-proof way, and we automated the import and export of certain files. Afterall, as a partner our strength lies in being pro-active, think in solutions not problems, and being honest and realistic.

Important factors within this project

  • Supply chain planning via the Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) solution
  • Creation of production plans to improve order fulfilment and margins
  • Disassembly and assembly processes, and the integration between both
  • Flexible optimizer that can be tailored based on the customer’s KPIs
  • An implementation partner that is committed to their customer

We are not limited by the above list. Let us know if you want to get in touch and have a chat what our team can do for your business to create value.

"Ab Ovo is a Platinum DELMIA Quintiq partner with 120+ specialized employees with a global customer footprint."