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As EU nations and governments continue to implement new laws and regulations in relation to the Green Deal, it is important for organizations to be proactive in their approach. This is where software, such as the Eco Logic Platform, plays a crucial role in helping businesses stay compliant and succeed in their sustainability efforts.

The Eco Logic Platform is designed to be carbon efficient and is adaptable to future regulations. The platform generates software in one of the most energy-friendly programming languages, empowering you to digitize your business processes sustainably.

From delivering carbon efficiency to reducing energy consumption, the Eco Logic Platform is ideal for modernizing legacy systems and generating maintainable and energy-friendly software through our green software engineering technology. The platform is also used to generate custom software for digitizing complex business processes across industries.


Achieve a meaningful modal shift by digitizing business operations and processes with our sustainable IT solutions. Our eco-friendly solutions help:

  • Reducing emissions by introducing fuel-efficient routes and schedules
  • Utilizing real-time information for higher-quality planning processes
  • Running multiple demand scenarios for better business decisions
  • Identifying and mitigating risks for secure cargo transportation
With our deep knowledge of green software, we empower airlines and airports to achieve their green initiatives by drilling into operation and planning efficiency. Our solutions can help:

  • Reduce ground transportation costs by streamlining processes
  • Increase workforce utilization through smart scheduling
  • Improve operational procedures to enhance passenger experience
  • Proactively address issues to avoid penalties

For digital transformation success, optimize your supply chain and thrive in the fast-paced retail environment with greener solutions. We provide value through:

  • Better segmentation & segregation for eCommerce channels
  • Efficiently managing stock levels and minimizing holding costs for inventory
  • Managing inventory from any location with a virtual shelf
  • Optimizing supply chain efficiency and reducing cost

We specialize in solving complex planning and scheduling challenges in the Maritime industry. Our expertise spans all maritime operations:

  • Managing tonnage and voyage planning to Ro-Ro, container, and bulk terminals
  • Leveraging advanced technology and industry insights
  • Optimizing efficiency, adapting to market dynamics, and ensuring seamless cargo flow
Our industry knowledge and best practices help navigate complex planning puzzles with sustainable IT solutions. We will get you there with the following:

  • Streamlined processes for quicker shipments
  • Optimal route planning and load consolidation to reduce carbon footprint
  • Optimized labor resources for improved efficiency
  • Improved planning quality, transparency and reliability

What Our Customers Say…

Gysev was looking to replace various smaller applications and digitize analogous business processes. They were also looking for solutions to help replace systems while increasing the volume of their operations and handling inconsistent data. They succeeded in transforming their rail cargo management system with Ab Ovo’s help.

Cultivating sustainability isn’t just a choice; it’s a responsibility. We, at Gysev, are everyday working on a path towards a greener tomorrow. Ab Ovo has been our steadfast partner in this transformative journey. Through their Eco Logic Software Platform, we not only use our resources more efficiently, but our IT solution is also more sustainable. We are both looking towards a future where sustainability isn’t just a goal, but a way of life.

János Boda​-Gysev Cargo CEO

15-17 April | Warsaw, Poland

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Gain more insight on the Eco Logic Platform from our CEO Willem Jan Groenewoud at RailFreight Summit 2024.



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Why You Should Choose the Eco Logic Platform

  • Ensure green compliance
  • Reduce carbon footprint
  • Lower energy costs
  • Enhance operational efficiency
  • Tailor solutions to your needs

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