Ab Ovo presents the SmartRouting solution to transportation companies to help solve their daily route planning puzzle. SmartRouting contains the combined knowledge of Ab Ovo’s 20 years in the transport and logistics industry, along with the leading edge planning and optimization technology from DELMIA Quintiq to provide a solution tailored to your specific requirements and deliver value to your business.

SmartRouting is a Managed Software as a Service (MSaas) solution to ensure that customer value is delivered quickly. This MSaaS solution provides all benefits of a common SaaS solution, with the added flexibility in configuration so all customer needs are tailored.

A solution tailored to your needs

SmartRouting, provided as a cloud managed service (MSaaS) is a perfect fit for transportation companies managing the utilization and routing of assets.

The Ab Ovo SmartRouting solution delivers customer value quickly with:


  • Intuitive UI/UX – optimized visualization and user-friendly click paths
  • Industry standards configured
  • Tailored to your specific requirements
  • Managed by Ab Ovo
  • Usage based pricing model
  • Swiftly guided deployment + training. Go-live in weeks rather than months
  • Always-on web-based support and dedicated support personnel

Key benefits – business value

SmartRouting covers the whole range of planning horizons, from strategic planning to disruption management on the day of operations. By providing this solution as a cloud managed service, it is perfect fit for asset-based companies or other transport companies managing the utilization and routing of the assets. The key benefits of this dynamic planning and optimization solution are:

  • Decreased transport costs

SmartRouting creates better routes, thereby decreasing mileage and resource costs. It is equipped to schedule own and external resources alike. Our experience in the field shows that mileage is reduced up to 10-15%., leading to a 3-5% reduction in transportation costs.

  • Improved delivery performance

SmartRouting produces feasible plans that maximize customer order fulfilment. It ensures service-level agreements are met and gives the user notifications when deviations occur. By experience, customer satisfaction improves measurably due to improved ETA accuracy.

  • Improved transparency & control

SmartRouting improves company-wide transparency in operations, reporting and analytics significantly, leading to improved efficiency across the organization.. While real-time delays can on the one hand be visualized to the planners to inform customers, the data can also be used to improve the planning parameters, which also affects the strategic planning process. All relevant performance data is displayed on dashboards, which are updated in real-time as the day or week progresses. Data analytics can further enrich the solution by adding predictions or defining previously unnoticed business patterns.

SmartRouting seamlessly integrates into your existing IT landscape

Companies like Amazon, Apple, P&G, McDonald’s, and Unilever have seen tremendous market share growth and financial gains through their incredible supply chains. The global COVID-19 pandemic further magnified their success.

The great news is the software-as-a-service (SaaS) cloud Transport Management Systems (TMS) have given all road logistics companies, no matter their size, access to a top-tier TMS for their business. 

As we have embraced this opportunity we have developed SmartRouting – our managed SaaS (MSaaS) solution that integrates with any cloud TMS provider – to optimize your daily route planning.

SmartRouting is typically integrated with a TMS system through standard interfacing, both for receiving the orders and execution details, as well as for providing drivers and customer service with the route plan. These interfaces with other systems allow SmartRouting to be seamlessly integrated into your existing system landscape and minimizes integration and maintenance costs.

A Transport Management System (TMS) is typically designed to improve and automate your staff’s administrative processes, with labor cost reductions of 20-30%, whereas the focus of SmartRouting is to reduce operational resource costs by improving the execution plan for trucks and drivers.

SmartRouting can decrease resource usage costs by about 3-5% on top of your TMS-planning functionality. Since typically the costs for office staff are usually at most 10% of the total costs, this leaves 90% of costs for the execution of planning. A relatively small improvement (3-5%) of these execution costs implies that the business value of SmartRouting combined with a TMS system is much higher than for a TMS system only.

SmartRouting can decrease resource usage costs by about 3-5% on top of your TMS-planning functionality.

Dynamic Planning & Optimization Solution

The digitalization of the transport and logistics industry creates large opportunities to organizations, like higher efficiency, new services and improved real-time visibility. On the other hand, threats, such as new entrants to the market and the ever increasing velocity of change, impact day-to-day operations as well as strategic decisions. The amount of data grows exponentially, which can be both a threat and an opportunity to any business.

A dynamic transport planning and optimization solution, which enables decisions with ease, accuracy and speed is a great way to continue growth and to maintain the competitive edge over others.

SmartRouting enables companies to deliver flawless service and more on-time deliveries with less costs, while providing full transparency to the planner on each shipment’s and resource’s location at any time.



Ab Ovo offers the SmartRouting solution to transportation companies to help solve their daily route planning puzzle. SmartRouting is a Managed Software as a Service (MSaas) solution to ensure that customer value is delivered quickly.

SmartRouting core functionalities

Driver management


  • Record all drivers
  • Allow access to the Mobile Driver App to make real-time updates

Driver skills

  • Catalogue all driver certifications and skills
  • Record driver preferences
  • Add validation rules to check characteristics with locations or products (e.g. dangerous goods)

Driving Regulations

  • Update planned and actual working/driving time using real-time updates
  • Notify planners when the allowed times are exceeded
  • Supports all main EU and US driving regulations

Overtime Costs

  • Administer overtime costs for drivers
  • Use driver costs in KPI based planning (visualized to the planner)
  • Use driver costs for optimization in making trade-offs

Resource management

Resources and Combinations

  • Register all relevant resource types
  • Identify all relevant resources used for planning
  • Add validation rules for which resources can be planned jointly (a truck with a trailer)

Resource Characteristics

  • List and monitor resource characteristics (e.g. tail lift, pump available)
  • Add validation rules to validate characteristics with locations or products


  • Administer resource costs e.g. per day, distance, duration
  • Use the resource costs in KPI based planning (visualized to the planner)
  • Use the resource costs for optimization in making trade-offs


  • Visualize resource usage (distance/time driven)
  • Visualize utilization
  • Display real-time KPIs on planning
  • Provide insights in KPI trends

The main benefit of our SmartRouting solution is that it can be configured to the needs of each company with limited effort.

Mobile driver App


  • Send free-text messages to the driver via the app
  • Send free-text messages to the planner via the app

Route Planning

  • Confirm the route planning to the driver after completion
  • Display stop overview and sequence to the driver
  • Give turn-by-turn instructions to the driver

Real-Time Updates

  • Enter manual updates upon arrival, departure and start and end of (un)loading.
  • Automate GPS updates at any time, which recalculate e.g. remaining driving duration and consequences for future stops.


  • Available on Android and IOS
  • Use existing integration also to integrate with legacy on-board system or mobile app with all mentioned functionalities

Route planning

Route Planning

  • Transform shipments into stops and plan on a route
  • Replan stops
  • Support the planner by suggesting feasible options
  • Take away a large portion of standard manual planning

Resource Planning

  • Plan all necessary resources, such as truck, trailer(s) and/or chassis
  • Plan drivers according to driving regulations
  • Validate all restrictions between resources, drivers and delivery locations and products


  • Geocode new locations automatically with the PTV Map
  • Pre-calculate distances between frequently used locations
  • Calculate distances on the spot

Instant Feedback

  • Recalculate the consequences of all changes to the planning instantly including the receipts of real-time updates from drivers, as well as multiple planners making changes to a singular plan


Full Routes

  • Benefit from the included world-class optimizer for the vehicle routing problem
  • Use its Large Neighborhood Search in combination with an iterative optimization approach

Suggest Route

  • Request suggested routes for a particular shipment
  • Display and rank routes based on expected KPIs of that option
  • Visualize to the planner if adding the shipment to the route causes (small) violations

Suggest Shipment

  • Request suggested shipments for a particular route
  • Display and rank shipments based on expected KPIs if that option is chosen
  • Visualize to the planner if adding the shipment to the route causes (small) violations

Continuous or Manual

  • Start the optimizer manually at any time
  • Schedule an optimizer run to start automatically at a certain time
  • Run the optimizer continuously, while the planner is also doing manual planning

Managed SAAS Solution

SAAS Benefits

  • Use cloud solution: no large hardware investments
  • Pay-per use pricing model
  • Benefit from easy implementation with a standard solution


  • Configure customer specific setup
  • Develop (small) customer specific processes or requirements

User Interface

  • Design component-based user interface
  • Receive standard components
  • Configure the look and feel of the user interface to the needs of the customer, with custom columns, forms, KPIs, charts and so on


  • Support of the implementation
  • Support the day-to-day operations on the standard solution as well as the configuration
  • Access support easily that has knowledge of your specific business

Ab Ovo SmartRouting provides full support to configure the application to support all business needs. Additionally we provide training to the team of users as well as support you with any questions you may have through our service desk.

Applying predictive analytics with SmartInsights

SmartInsights transforms supply chain data into actionable insights to optimize transport planning.

By combining data sources from operational processes and applying predictive analytics, SmartInsights supports your teams in making the most efficient decisions. Decisions that have an impact on cost savings, resource utilization, environment, and employee satisfaction.

SmartInsights is an add-on to SmartRouting – our Managed SaaS solution to help transportation companies dig a little deeper to optimize their daily route planning puzzle.

Customer satisfaction

Ab Ovo is focused on delivering customer value.  Our in depth experience and expertise ensure that our customers are delighted.  And support both during implementation and beyond is provided by our team of experts who know your business.  We continue to keep you informed about solution software roadmaps, releases and the value this brings to you and your company. If you require additional training or adaption of the solution, we are ready with our team of industry experts to assist you.

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SmartRouting, provided as a cloud managed service (MSaaS) is a perfect fit for asset-based companies or other transport companies managing the utilization and routing of assets.

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