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We help rail companies digitize their business operations, deliver an interoperable data ecosystem and gain a competitive advantage through advanced analytics. We understand the rail sector, technology & digital transformation and put our expertise to work to help rail companies forward.

Our Rail Software Offering

Rail Cargo Planning

Profit maximization through demand-oriented planning.

Rail Cargo Solution

An integrated ERP ecosystem to digitize the entire order 2 cash journey.


A cloud-based O2C solution to help SME’s work efficiently & save cost.

NEW Cloud Solution – SmartRailCargo

Solution Sheet

The most efficient way of planning resources to secure your competitive edge in rail freight transport.


SmartRailCargo brings multiple planners together in one platform to boost utilization efficiency and increase EBITDA.


Rail Cargo Solution

The Rail Cargo Solution (RCS) is an integrated rail cargo solution that supports the whole order-to-cash transport process for incumbent rail cargo operators. The solution supports all processes related to customer-to-customer transport including local service traffic, contracts, orders, production planning, execution and financial settlement.

RCS can be configured to include any kind of service or price plan an incumbent rail operator has established on the market e.g. long haul, traction, single wagon load, local service traffic, shunting, ground services and all the events that can occur running a train. The services are fully integrated into the order-to-cash business processes. RCS is used by incumbent rail operators like DB Cargo, VR, Gysev and Lineas in Belgium.

Rail Cargo Planning

We have developed a future-proof and complete Advanced Planning and scheduling solution for the rail cargo industry with all necessary planning processes integrated for a cargo operator. This solution is called Rail Cargo Planning (RCP) and will support planners with decision support to reduce costs, increase transparency and increase resource efficiency. RCP contains all-horizons of planning, rolling stock and human resources in one integrated solution.

RCP is a solution that uses real-time and historical data as input from your management systems such as ERP, fleet management, time schedules, or other relevant data sources. With predictive analytics and algorithms, the solution presents planners with the optimum and most efficient use of valuable resources, whether these are people, products, or other assets.

RCP is built on the industry-leading DELMIA Quintiq Platform from Dassault Systèmes. Quintiq Business Suite is a decision support tool for your planning organization that brings optimization in support of the planner, real-time KPIs and scenario management. Ab Ovo has inserted decades of rail cargo experience in a proprietary business model tailored for the rail cargo industry.



The 4RailCargo (4RC) solution is an order-to-cash cloud solution built for mid-size rail cargo operators. It supports all your business processes so you can focus on running your trains. 4RC provides a feature-rich basic package that can be enhanced with optional features.

The 4RC solution is built up of fully integrated modules and comes with a flexible business model that allows you to expand over time. The 4RC modules listed below, include all needed features for a rail cargo operator’s order-to-cash business processes including planning and daily operations:

  • Contracts
  • Transport Files
  • Planning & Execution
  • Production
  • Finances & Invoicing
  • Standing Data

Each module includes optional features to further enhance and automate the business processes. The Planning & Execution module can be expanded with planning capability for trains, rail cars/wagon, locomotives and crew. The customer portal can be opened up for your customers and enhance the service level for your customers.


    Supported Use Cases

    We support 6 operational use cases in rail:

    • Order 2 Cash management
    • Train planning & execution
    • Subcontractor & yield optimization
    • (Hump) Shunting management
    • Mobile field operations
    • Infra manager & regulatory compliance

    Concept Lab

    A product prototype environment to tackle specific operational challenges in Rail.

    Advanced Analytics for Rail

    A glimpse into our numerous advanced analytics use cases for rail divided into 4 categories: Assets, Demand, Process and Performance



    Tailored maintenance scheduling
    Pattern recognition to predict when locomotives/wagons need maintenance on a unit by unit basis


    Real-time demand visibility
    Sensor and event data to visualize and analyse the flow of orders through the rail cargo network


    “Internet of Trains”
    Advanced predictions of train ETA/ETD for real-time scheduling adjustments


    Advanced dashboarding
    Interactive and advanced dashboarding that allow monitoring of the data ambition

    Industry Recognition

    We support our customers in the digital transformation of their business operations. Data driven decision support is our company’s heartbeat and we deliver clarity by digitizing decision processes with extensive supply chain expertise, our smart technology and our skilled analytical team.


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