Supply Chain Analytics Solutions

Advanced analytics and big data applications are voted as the most important and frequently adopted digital capabilities. By 2023, at least 50% of large global companies will be using AI, advanced analytics and IoT in supply chain operations. Artificial intelligence (AI), advanced analytics and IoT are considered high-benefit technologies.

We are leaders in the field of supply chain analytics because of our highly experienced team and our partner- and technology ecosystems. We combine business processes with a data driven approach to create outcome driven synergies.

In short, we drive supply chain decision processes with analytics.

Supply Chain Analytics @ Ab Ovo


Our People

80+ operations research experts & analytics translators with years of experience.

Partner Ecosystem

Long-term relations in the field of analytics & data science including universities.

Technology Ecosystem

We are technology agnostic and have a broad range of toolkits as instruments to tackle any analytics challenge.

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Data Driven Solutions

Combined business knowledge and advanced analytics for working solutions:

80+ mathematicians and operations research experts able to quantify your process with value based analytics to give you more decsision power.

Analytics only work when these are embedded into a business process. With our extensive domain knowledge we simplify and translate them back to the business for daily understandable decision support.

We don’t leave loose ends when implementing analytics. We take care of technical challenges such as interfacing organizational challenges like change- and stakeholder management.



Prepare Today for Tomorrow

Pro-actively influence your value drivers with predictive and prescriptive analytics.

The majority of companies have difficulties to really become data-driven. This is mainly caused by not having mathematical knowledge readily available inhouse at these companies.

Furthermore, when experts are hired with modeling knowledge, they build great theoretical models, but without the understanding of the business and industry the models will add little to no value to your business.

We combine industry expertise with analytics solutions to avoid this pitfall. Let us explain our approach, show how you can follow the data maturity curve and identify best ways to get value out of your data.


    Our 4D Approach

    Business knowledge combined with data for daily value.



    Support in identification of use cases with data and business.


    Analytics and additional datasets chosen based on use cases.


    Implementation in current technology and process landscape.


    Daily support in decisions for guaranteed value.

    Industry Recognition

    We support our customers in the digital transformation of their business operations. Data driven decision support is our company’s heartbeat and we deliver clarity by digitizing decision processes with extensive supply chain expertise, our smart technology and our skilled analytical team.


    Advanced Analytics Use Cases

    Your future supply chain – A glimpse into our numerous advanced analytics use cases 


    Dynamic pricing

    Let our offerings dynamically reflect your supply chain capabilities.

    Real-time scheduling

    Decrease day of operation disruptions.

    Predictive maintenance

    Your assets communicate through data. Let’s listen!

    40+ more use cases

    Use cases per industry waiting to give you that extra edge.

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    Show me all!

    Overview of our Supply Chain Anbalytics solutions and services tailored to your industry needs and at your fingertips to either consume yourself or share internally with your teams and executive leadership.

    About Ab Ovo

    With in-depth industry knowledge and experience from years of operation in all facets of supply chain, we deliver business value to our customers, each with their own industry specific needs.

    AI Driven Transformation & Solutions

    Work Smart. Make Better Decisions. Be Sustainable.

    How can we help you?

    We support numerous use cases and deliver clarity by digitizing decision processes with extensive industry expertise, smart technology solutions and our skilled analytical team.