Maritime Use Cases

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Maritime Use Cases

We enable maritime organizations deliver an interoperable data efficient ecosystem and gain a competitive advantage through advanced analytics with tailored supply chain planning & optimization solutions. With our wealth of industry knowledge and experience we support numerous maritime use cases.


Run different capacity scenarios

Realize a more efficient and optimal cargo load for all voyages and make sure all cargo arrives on schedule. Many organizations are facing volatile capacity demands, resulting in dynamic and complex planning and scheduling processes.

Voyage planning, tonnage planning, vessel scheduling and allocation management are all part of these processes. Planners would like to have the ability to run diverse capacity scenarios, which enables them to understand the impact of specific cargo arrangements and vessel allocation changes.

Meaningful information on capacity requirements, the exact vessel size should be available for each line/trade to optimize costs, while respecting customer requirements on capacity and transit times.

How to bring this all together in one integrated planning to make the right decisions?

Advanced Analytics

Numerous supply chain analytics use cases for maritime in whatever category you may need support:

Assets, Demand, Process and Performance


Solve Disruptions & Reduce Idle Time

How to better handle tonnage & voyage planning as well as operational planning to decrease operational costs?

How to handle a wide-range of process complexities and realize real-time and collaborative planning including the ability to conduct scenario-based planning and be able to quickly respond to disruptions?

We have a strong market recognition of building optimal, transparent and up-to-date planning for all vessels within a company. This has increased average load factors and facilitated stronger insight into planning processes  and better on-time performance for cargo loads. We also optimize container logistics and port operations, resulting in gains directly to the bottom-line.

Advanced Analytics for Maritime

A glimpse into our numerous advanced analytics use cases for maritime divided into 4 categories: Assets, Demand, Process and Performance



Automated damage detection
Camera footage to scan cargo and trucks for damage detection and automatic administration

Trip defficiency detecting
Use pattern recognition to find causalities of routing inefficiencies

Tailored maintenance scheduling
Pattern recognition to predict when transport logistics need maintenance on a unit by unit basis


Real-time demand visibility
Sensor and event data to visualize and analyse the flow of orders through the network

Self learning demand planning
Predict demand based on self learning models that learn directly from the day-to-day situation

End-to-end planning
Incorporate all available data (sensors/actuals) from customers to be better prepared


Data driven contracting
Flexible contracting based on actual data for a better fit with operations

Real-time scheduling
Advanced predictions of ETA/ETD for real-time scheduling adjustments


Advanced dashboarding
Interactive and advanced dashboarding that allow monitoring of the data ambition

KPI identification
Discover analytical KPI’s that pave the way for data driven decision making

KPI optimization
Improve KPI’s and increase business value by combining different data sources

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