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The rail freight industry wants to embrace the digital revolution; the IT firms are standing ready to facilitate this transformation. Still, the transformation is painfully slow, and the two industries are only gradually moving closer together.

There is no lack of products, equipment or tools that can give the rail freight industry that push it has been talking about for years. No, it is a matter of having the right people onboard, because just having an app or working from a cloud, that does not make you a digital company, says Ingo Paas, CIO at Green Cargo.

Green Cargo is a Swedish rail freight company known to be a digital industry leader. It is, among others, working with Ab Ovo, an IT firm facilitating the rail freight industry. When asked how one could better understand the digital transformation rail companies are going through, Ab Ovo pointed in the direction of Green Cargo. “They have some really exciting cutting edge projects going on.”