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Supply chains produce and also rely on increasing amounts of data. Technologies behind concepts like the Internet of Things are transforming the relationship between the physical and the digital world. At Ab Ovo we strongly believe that Data Science skills are essential to cope with future Supply Chain challenges. To empower our teams to bring even more value to our clients, we introduced the Ab Ovo Data Science Academy.

What is the Ab Ovo Academy?

Our Data Science training consists of a 56-hour interactive classroom training, which is followed by a self-paced online training. The training is set up in cooperation with Wittics, Lefit, DesignThinkersAcademy and

“One of the bottleneck challenges in applying data science is the ability to connect advanced algorithms to real business challenges. With our combined soft- and hard skill training program our data scientist learn to bridge the gap between analytics and customer needs”

Class room training

From the very beginning hands on project work is part of the learning journey. Accompanying the class room training cross functional teams are exploring real life datasets, gain first insights and develop first Data Science solutions that are presented to a broad audience at the end of the training.

As the focus is not on technology alone, participants are supported by experienced coaches in all phases of a typical Data Science project. Therefore, the academy also focusses on soft skills like Design thinking (how to spot customer needs and define value) and communication training (story telling).

For hard skill training, our 2020 spring class worked on a large train timetable dataset from the German Rail network. A great opportunity to apply what you have learnt in practice. Thus, learned design thinking methods could immediately be applied to brainstorm ideas on what to do with the presented dataset. Visualization techniques and machine learning concepts could also be tried out in a “real life” case immediately and the preparations for final result presentations were supported through communication and storytelling training.

“Business knowledge is key to make a success of a data science project. This is exactly what we bring to the market with our expertise and experience in supply chain planning and optimization”- Dieter Veldhuis, Manager Development

Self-paced online training

The learning journey does not stop with the end of the class room training. In fact, our participants deepen their knowledge in role specific e-learnings. This self-paced online training is set up for three different roles: Data Analysts, Data Scientists and Data Engineers.

While all three paths build up common fundamentals, each path prepares for the different challenges the different roles are facing. Data Analysts learn Python fundamentals, dig into data analysis and data visualization using popular packages like pandas, query databases with SQL, and study statistics, among others. On top of that Data Scientists develop further skills in working with large datasets, deep dive into machine learning – and parallel processing topics. To round it all up our data engineers are trained in working with production databases, explore how to build data pipelines that can handle large data sets and learn about key computer science concepts like data structures, algorithms, and recursion.

Data Science at Ab Ovo

The lesson we all learned during our Academy project is that business knowledge is key to make a success out of a data science project. This is exactly what we can bring to the market with our expertise in the Rail market and Supply Chain Planning & Optimization. At Ab Ovo we are building on more than 20 years of delivering advanced analytics to our clients. Our customer base is mostly active in land logistics/aviation/maritime/rail and manufacturing.

For more information, please contact us to learn more about how to start your Data Science journey!